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General presentation

Ile de Loire / B. et C. Desjeux
The Loire and its catchment basin form an exceptional unit, hosting habitats and species of great heritage value, the conservation of which is now an international priority. The basin also works in the areas of landscape, conservation of water quality and flood management. Through its operations to promote and conserve biodiversity, Loire nature also makes a major contribution to these other themes.

An exemplary programme
Loire nature is one of the biggest river restoration programmes ever undertaken.
Its main objective is to ensure the preservation and durable management of Loire valley ecosystems (peatlands, gorges, alluvial forests, oxbows) on model and pilot sites, to maintain their different ecological functions : biodiversity, water resources, floodplains...

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Loire nature - the beginning
Loire nature (phase 1) was started in 1993, with the aim of reinforcing the idea of a free area (“espace de liberté”) of the river, to conserve its natural environments.
On the basis of the results obtained, a second phase was launched in 2002 and incorporated into an interregional government programme the "Plan Loire Grandeur Nature (2002-2006)" (Life-size Loire plan) supported by the State, « l’Etablissement public Loire » (Loire public authority), the "Agence de l’Eau Loire Bretagne" (Loire Brittany water authority) and regional authorities.

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Identity card

-  17 associations for implementation : « Conservatoires d’espaces naturels et leur fédération » (Nature conservatories and their federation), WWF-France, the « Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux (LPO) » (French partner of Birdlife) and its regional delegations, and « Frapna Loire » (Fédération Rhône Alpes de Protection de la Nature
-  Rhône Alpes nature protection federation) ;

-  Fifty intervention zones in 8 regions ;

-  An objective of 4500 hectares purchased or leased ;

-  A budget estimate of 15 million euros ;

-  3 financial partners in addition to regional
authorities : the State, « l’Etablissement public Loire » (Loire public authority) and the "Agence de l’Eau Loire Bretagne" (Loire Brittany water authority) ;

-  4 thematic operations : scientific, educational, nature tourism and communication throughout the catchment basin

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Solid actions
The programme is based on different types of actions such as :

-  restoring and managing environments in association with residents’ communities, farmers and river users ;

-  purchasing or leasing land ;

-  installing scientific site monitoring ;

-  developing actions to inform residents about the conservation of their river heritage.
Thematic actions are implemented to build on local work and maintain coherence with other sections of the Plan Loire Grandeur Nature, as well as the various public policies implemented in the basin.
They concern communication, a scientific mission including the development of management tools and provision of information, work to raise awareness and provide education as well as enhancing nature tourism.
A general coordination mission is run alongside the whole programme.

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